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Who we are...

We’re a group of actuaries, mathematicians, business consultants, and software developers. During the lock-down we realized in our company, Finac, a software and consulting firm, that even though our work continued to flow smoothly with us delivering our products and services promptly to our clients, we were behaving differently. We started thinking and reading about the effect that the lack of personal interaction could have in our sense of belonging, engagement, and innovation. As time passed, the lock-down ended, and the new normal was remote work. We took the remote-first approach. We decided that since we couldn't see each other as before, we had to figure out a way to understand how things really happened in the organization. We started using organizational network analytics (ONA) to understand our informality (informal networks, hidden leaders, collaboration patterns, bottlenecks, etc.), and it gave us a lot of insight. But it wasn't enough. We also had to understand why things happened, which led us to dig into and evaluate our culture. From that moment we felt that we were a stronger and more resilient organization. We valued so much what we did for us, that we decided to turn it into a product. That was the birth of OA-Hub. Besides people, under the same concept, we added other elements of the intellectual capital (knowledge, information, procedures, tasks, etc.), as well as grouped tasks into our main value generation processes.
Now we have a product that we believe will help companies identify hidden problems and opportunities and decide the effective actions that should be undertaken, saving lots of money on expensive consultants. We appreciate feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Please contact us for discussing your situation and a demo.



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